Calling all landlords and tenants- DO NOT USE Property Match London no matter what or any of their affiliated companies, that you can check on Companies House. I am going through living *** at the moment with them! They advertise on spareroom.co.uk

Firstly, they only have one branch at 10 West Lane, London SE16 4NY. Their branch at 55 Millharbour, E14 was repossessed on 25th November 2013.

I'm a landlord and I signed up with Property Match London for a 3 year lease, where they told me all bills would be paid, including council tax and utilities and there would be no void periods. Having signed up with them, I believed the management of the property would be well managed, having dealt with the initial agent, Stephanie Henderson. However, the bills were never ever paid. They set up electricity, gas and water accounts under bogus names, I.e. Names of people who had never lived at the property.

I queried PML so many times, and would just get fobbed off. Christina Berg and Sandra Bande have been the most unhelpful people ever. They are merely sheep, and will only take instruction from Paulo Afonso, who runs the company. He will only ever call you from a blocked number, at unsociable hours and speak to you with an aggressive tone and never listen. They never resolved my queries regarding utilities. The utilities companies then took it upon themselves to have to install pay-as-you-go meters.

My lease ended with PML, as as one would expect - PML would be honorable and hand the property back at the end of a fixed term period. NO!!! They continue to sublet rooms out passed my agreed end date! And, furthermore, Paulo Afonso thinks he has the property for another few years! He is absolutely deluded! I moved back into the property, and he has been round harassing me in the middle of the night, banging on the door and using intimidating methods to try and get into the property. Police had to be called to remove him.

Having read the tenant reviews, I feel sorry for anyone that has dealt with such an unprofessional company. I suggest anyone who has dealt with them, report them to trading standards or seek advice from the citizens advice bureau as I believe a lot of the activities run by PML are fraudulent. I will be doing so and will update the reviews with the progress of my complaints.

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Is PML services limited company number: 08994009 the same company?

is Basma ben ali working in this agency?

Are they now in Marble arch?

to Anonymous #1160974

I believe it's this currently:

Company number 07674344

Hostorically this:

Company number 07069571

London, England, United Kingdom #866123

All of the above is exactly what me and my house mates have just been through, TO THE LETTER! No bills were paid by PML, we have had pay as you go meters fitted, they never answer calls and we have just been kicked out because Paulo Alfonso has moved in some random people and they were threatening to kick in the door and steal our stuff whilst at work.

We also had to call the police in the middle of the night becuase of him and others coming round in the night to move in people. The house owner came to the door one day and said that the contract with PML ended 6 months ago but she couldnt get them to stop sub letting the rooms and taking rent money.


to XXX #873753

I cannot believe they have been allowed for all this time to operate like this. What can we do about this to stop it happening to anyone else?

As it's obviously so stressful, and these people do not have an ounce of dignity or pride in themselves. They are the biggest bunch of crooks in the area.... Paulo Afonso is an ***. He is the most aggressive and cocky smug little git you will ever meet.

He says he is Spanish, but from my sources, he can't even speak Spanish. And he also operates under Yann Claude. His minions include Christina Berg, Stephanie Henderson, Stoyan Tenev.

Beware of these names.... do not cross paths with them, as it's a long hard road to rid of these pests.

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