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Property Match London (PML), which lets property in and around the London Docklands, is the worst run estate agency I or anyone I have ever known has come across.

They are the very height of unprofessional and more than that, semi-criminal. Ever watch TV shows where shameful building companies rip off unsuspecting victims? This is the equivalent in the London estate agency market.

Where do I start...

If you rent through Property Match London, expect that they will not allow you to meet the tenants before.

You can also expect that they will let anyone into their homes to fill them. The one I was in was occupied by two druggies that consumed drugs on the premises on a daily basis. I informed PML that I did not want to stay in such a property and they offered to show me their 'alternatives', which were all substantially more expensive.

After they then failed to show me their alternatives on three separate occasions, I considered suing them to get my money back.

First, they then said they'd evicted the other tenants so I could return to the old property. I found out later from another one of their employees that this was a complete lie and that they hadn't even spoken to the other tenants.

After I insisted I did not want to move back but wanted my money back, their director, Stoyan Tenev, then started harassing me with phone calls at work, screaming into the phone with his Bulgarian accent that he was going to 'bury me'.

Yes, I know, really professional....that's the kind of company it is and the kind of management it is under!

He then went into fantasy land saying if I didn't want to stay in his contract he would sue me for all kinds of defamations and try everything to make my life difficult. Furthermore, he also now all of a sudden said that he had gotten everyone on board with written declarations and that nothing I had said previously was true (after having supposedly evicted the other tenants earlier...^^). Again, I found out later that this was completely untrue and that, as before mentioned, the other tenants weren't even spoken to by PML.

Unfortunately, I gave in to their intimidation because I had a full time job to focus on so I agreed to see their other more expensive alternatives to have a transition and get this over and done with.

After failing to show me around on many occasions where I made myself available, where I mind you had to continue paying for the house I left because they did not want to give me any kind of refund, I finally got to see their other flats.

I ended up taking one of their two offered alternatives (it cost over 25% more than my old one) simply to get this over and done with as I had to concentrate on my job at the time.

The woman I talked to, Christina Berg, promised me that I could keep the time scale of my old contract with the break clause of 6 months, but that I had to sign a new contract because it was a new property with a new tenant.

I said I understood.

However, once I wanted to enact the break clause for the 6 month period, she started making excuses saying that that can no longer be done as I am now on a new contract.

Additionally, they also want to now charge us for all our water bills at our property, which were previously included in the price, and are sending out new forms for us to sign.

It's a bit of a nightmare really....

To anyone reading this, please stay WELL CLEAR of Property Match London.

They are crooks! Just like you see on TV shows. They will try to keep you entrapped in a contract, lie to you, raise their prices while you are their tenant, and becoming abusive towards you if you don't agree with their practices.

Stay well away!

I've definitely learnt from the experience.

A business like this is unlikely to survive long anyway, that is something I'm happy about because I'd hate to see someone else go through a similar scenario

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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I agree with your post. They are unprofessional to say the least but carry out criminal-like acts. Threatening behaviour and verbal assault- be warned!!!

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